Channel Island Suite: Island 1 is in the submission process for the Oculus Rift app store, and will be adapted for other major Virtual Reality platforms shortly.


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New Memories


Virtual Reality stories are remembered differently than movies and books--our minds interpret the virtual journeys as if we had actually visited a place. With VR goggles following your movements in 3D,  relax as a guest of Island 1.

Brushed Up, Swept Away


Computers naturally make everything cold and lifeless, so all textures and objects in the world have been hand-painted to bring back warmth and expression.

Sounds Good Around Hear


The majority of songs are mixed for left and right speakers but Island 1 is completely immersive. Every sound is recorded separately and placed in 3D. It’s a world where fireworks transform into percussion and flocks of birds become a choir. The surrounding environment is married to the music.